Michael Craven

Author of the John Darvelle mystery series

The Detective & The Chinese High-Fin

In the Detective & the Chinese High-Fin, Private Detective John Darvelle is back—drinking cheap beer, playing ping-pong and sharing his philosophy on everything from work/life balance to restaurants with bad air-conditioning. (He doesn’t believe in the former, he despises the latter.) Darvelle is hired to investigate the cold-case murder of a well-born Los Angeles man gunned down in his own driveway. As he hunts down the truth, Darvelle finds himself in the exotic — and in this case very dangerous — world of rare tropical fish.

“A thinking man’s detective takes on a cold case.… An exciting, well-written detective noir whose final twist raises it far above the ordinary.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Superior…. Fans of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser will relate to Darvelle, with his nuanced view of humanity and a loving partner to keep him honest.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Engaging….The pleasure here is in joining Darvelle as he trolls between L.A. and La Jolla…breaking for ping-pong and beer, and staying with this intriguing mystery until he solves it.”
– Booklist

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The Detective & The Pipe Girl

Nominated for both the Shamus Award for best P.I. novel of the year and the Nero Wolfe Award for best mystery of the year, The Detective & The Pipe Girl introduces private detective John Darvelle, a beer-drinking, ping-pong playing, brunch-avoiding Los Angeles detective hired to find the ex-mistress of a famous film director.

“A suspenseful, well-plotted neo-noir… Readers will want to see more of Darvelle—a quirky, thoughtful detective with a wry sense of humor and a philosophical bent.”
– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A terrific, fast-paced read… Michael Craven has captured perfectly the forbidden and deadly atmosphere of Hollywood at its darkest and deadliest.”
– New York Journal of Books

“This is the type of mystery that fans will cheer for… Mr. Craven, bring John Darvelle back!”
– Suspense Magazine

“I was hooked…. Plot points and future setups for twists are intertwined with asides and quirks that, frankly, make me laugh more than I ever have (or ever thought possible) inside a mystery novel.”
– Three Guys One Book

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Body Copy

Body Copy, published in 2009, tells the story of a murdered, L.A.-based advertising executive and the trailer-dwelling, ex-pro surfer turned P.I. hired to find out who did it.

“Ad man Craven’s first novel introduces an extremely likable detective… the mystery’s solution is neatly set up and emotionally satisfying.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

“The style is slick… If Harlan Coben doesn’t write fast enough for you, this might ease your drought.”
– Kirkus Reviews

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